Xmlreader non validating

10 Nov

In the first phase I focus on validation, and spit out as many errors as possible by catching the validation event.Then, if all went well you can re-read the XML with a non-validating reader and you only have to focus on the remaining symantic errors that are not or cannot be caught by your schema.And also, this is NOT correct: "If you just need to check if XML file is well formed, successful loading into XMLReader object is usually enough." It is not enough.Pull parsers operate on stream and if you have a large enough file they will not know it is well formed until it is read to the end.This diverges slightly from SAX, which expects later binding to be supported.Early binding involves less runtime overhead, which is an issue for event pipelines as used inside this parser.The current node refers to the node on which the reader is positioned.

xml($xml_string, NULL, LIBXML_DTDVALID)) libxml_use_internal_errors(TRUE);$xml_array = xml2assoc($xml);$ar Errors = libxml_get_errors();$xml_errors = "";foreach ($ar Errors AS $xml Error) $xml_errors .= $xml Error-set Parser Property(XMLReader:: VALIDATE, true);" This enables DTD checking, but you can also check by using Relax NG (see set Relax NGSchema() and set Relax NGSchema Source()).

This class implements Xml Reader and conforms to the W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 and the Namespaces in XML recommendations.

does not perform the extra checks required for data validation, it provides a fast well-formedness parser.

Obviously, not a good idea if you are reading gobs and gobs of XML. Lastly, don't forget to "manually" check your XML's default namespace is correctly referring to one of your validation schemas, because if its not your validating reader won't load the correct schema from your schema set and therefore won't give you any errors.

Xml Validating Reader implements the Xml Reader class and provides support for data validation. Schemas property to have the reader validate using schema files cached in an Xml Schema Collection. Validation Type property specifies what type of validation the reader should perform. To read XML data from an Xml Node, use Xml Node Reader.