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05 Jun

The first step we should do is to learn how to parse and print a simple XML document using both DOM and SAX.This will help you to get the basic concepts in parsing and how does DOM API differ from SAX.The DTD has an ending, I just forgot to copy-paste it here.Anyway, adding #REQUIRED to attr1 doesn't help, it gives the same error message.Trying to get Xerces-C to validate an XML file against a schema file but with no luck.The constructor below takes in the location of the XML file and the schema file and sets relevent member variables: //validate XML xercesc:: Xerces DOMParser m_dom Parser; if (NULL == m_dom Grammar(m_schema File.c_str(), xercesc:: Grammar:: Schema Grammar Type)) Parser Error Handler error Handler; m_dom Error Handler(&error Handler); m_dom Do Namespaces(true); m_dom Do Schema(true); m_dom Validation Constraint Fatal(true); m_dom Validation Schema Full Checking(true); m_dom Parser.parse(m_XMLFile.c_str()); if (NULL == m_dom Document()

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The next stage is to traverse the tree and print the contents.

File Not Found Exception: /lhome/minimal-for-SO/(No such file or directory) [java] at File Input Stream.(File Input Stream.java:101) [java] at

File URLConnection.connect(File URLConnection.java:90) [java] at File Input Stream(File URLConnection.java:188) [java] at org.apache.

XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.xerces.parsers. XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.xerces.parsers. XMLParser.parse(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache.xerces.parsers. DOMParser.parse(Unknown Source) [java] at org.apache. Document Builder Impl.parse(Unknown Source) [java] at parsers.

Document Builder.parse(Document Builder.java:121) [java] at Foo Main.main(Foo Main.java:35) Given that the builder is non-validating I would expect to at least not crash if the file's not found (if not skipping the search for the DTD file altogether).