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30 Nov

With its latest issue, the magazine seems to demonstrate, and at the same time question, the nature of this process, characterizing it primarily as one of decentralizing urbanization.

With as many diverse perspectives as collaborators, MONU #26 DECENTRALISED URBANISM probably originated in a triggering question: Are cities like London, New York and Paris, with their centralizing power, the ones to blame for Brexit, Trump, and Marine Le Pen?

But those advocating regime change and those arguing vociferously against it are both losing sight of the fact that profound change is already happening in Iran.

-Sanam Naraghi Anderlini and Sina Azodi, Lobe Log 8/11/17 - Iranian authorities have arrested six young people for promoting Latin-style Zumba exercises and other "Western" dance moves, local media report.

These elections revealed the power of the underestimated peripheral (suburban, rurban and rural) populations, as well as exposing a series of territorial asymmetries that come along with the urbanization of our planet.

Instead of looking at the city from its centre to its periphery, MONU #26 concentrates on the polycentric suburban structures not always considered as part of the city.

ABN AMRO en ING zijn beiden veroordeeld tot terugbetaling van de verhoogde opslag, voor zover dit hoger was dan bij aanvang overeengekomen.

To celebrate a decade of great work, Sardinia-based boat maker, MAORI, is rolling out a brand new 54-foot yacht.

There were no corners cut in producing this vessel. The cabin of the boat, depending on the weather and the preferences of those on board, ca...

Left: No more dichotomies, AC/AL Right: The Grand Parisian Sea by STAR strategies architecture and BOARD In a world undergoing a process of constant urbanization, which appears to cover the entirety of our planet's surface, we have become familiar with the idea of living in the "Urban Age" and with statistics that predict, for example, that by 2030 60% of the world's population will live in cities.

Since 2004, MONU has been working towards the disentanglement and collective understanding of the process of global urbanization.