Women dating less intelligent men

31 Mar

Anecdotal evidence suggests men often "date down", choosing partners less intelligent than themselves.Bright, accomplished women often complain that men are "intimidated" by them, and that they need to play down their accomplishments to get a date..action_button.action_button:active.action_button:hover.action_button:focus,.action_button:hover.action_button:focus .count,.action_button:hover .count.action_button:focus .count:before,.action_button:hover .count:bullet.

Greater attention was paid to the lawmaker's remarks on Thursday after footage of the comments was released. Because I haven't seen a woman throw herself at a man because he has nice legs," he wrote, adding that women seem to "have a complex." An investigation has been opened to determine whether Korwin-Mikke violated parliamentary rules that require members to show mutual respect and refrain from "defamatory, racist or xenophobic language or behavior." If the parliament concludes that rules were violated, Korwin-Mikke could be fined, suspended or disciplined, The Washington Post reported Friday.But they did not discount intelligence; they would meet an intelligent man for a second time, even if he were not attractive. If a woman were average in appearance, her high intelligence had no effect on whether he would meet her a second time.Research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that men liked the idea of dating smart women, but shied away from actually doing so.That afternoon, the embattled lawmaker made light of the controversy on his Facebook page. Wednesday wasn't the first time Korwin-Mikke has stirred controversy.His colorful political career includes a protest of high taxes in Poland, in which he ate his tax return in front of a government revenue office, and his giving a Nazi salute while shouting fascist rhetoric in the EU chamber in 2015.