Wikipedia carbon 14 dating

25 Jun

I am a paintings conservator and have been requested to examine a panel painting from approximately 1550 A.

The reason neutrons are so important is because our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, which you may remember as the thing that carbon-14 decays .

There are many sports restricted to players of a certain age (e.g.

16 and under, 18 and under, etc.) What if a person is older and fakes his birth certificate to say that he is younger? Can we determine such a person's age by radiocarbon dating methods or other means? That doesn't mean we can't make a decent guess by other methods.

There is an interesting case of a 33 year old Texas woman who enrolled in 10th grade in Texas.

She said she had no transcripts because she had been homeschooled. It also happened in the Little Leagues World Series, if I remember correctly.