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10 Feb

The Dodgers are giving Puig a maintenance day for Thursday's series finale in Arizona, but there's little indication that his leg soreness will keep him on the bench for long.

Look for Puig to return to the lineup for Friday's series opener against the Padres, but if he's given another day off, Enrique Hernandez would likely get another start in right field.

” Turns out Mister Puig, just 24 years old, was a star player on Cuba’s junior and national teams and — so the scuttlebutt goes — an occasional state informant.

After a handful of thwarted attempts, a clearly very determined Mister Puig — along with a boxer, a pinup girl and a Santeria priest — was successfully smuggled out of Cuba in June 2012 by some pretty nefarious-sounding characters and almost immediately signed by the L. Dodgers to a seven-year contract worth million. Magazine, once signed to the Dodgers and flush with his new-found wealth, young Mister Puig initially moved into a loft space in downtown Los Angeles but, so swears Yolanda, now has a big new house set behind elaborately scrolled iron gates in a leafy and affluent if nondescript Sherman Oaks neighborhood.

'It does appear to be that they were coming at full speed when they encountered the jetty, and the accident happened.''It does pertain to a friend of Jose who is very well connected with several Marlins players, and I have stopped that boat before for safety inspections with other Marlins players on board,' Veloz said. I've never felt anything worse than my first few months here.

'At least in jail I could defend myself,' he told the Miami Herald. Jail felt better than that, and I was in with a guy who killed seven people.'But Fernandez stayed strong, and - inspired by his 'baseball freak' grandmother (see 'Fernandez's moving reunion' below), and with the help of a coach in Florida who trained some of Cuba's top pitchers - got into baseball.

The lawsuit describes him as an opportunist who conspired to send at least three other would-be traffickers to prison; Puig wanted to “appear as if he were a loyal and trustworthy Cuban citizen,” it says, even as he plotted his own escape.

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Puig retreats to the bench for the first time since July 28, going 10-for-34 with two home runs and four RBI during the last 10 contests.It seems improbable that the most attractive offer would come from Raul Pacheco, the 29-year-old president of two Miami companies, T&P Metal and PY Recycling.Court records show that Pacheco was arrested in 2009 for attempted burglary after asking a friend to help him remove an air-conditioning unit.“This action has nothing to do with the United States,” Puig’s attorney, Sean Santini, wrote in a motion to dismiss, which along with the suit is still pending.But the alternative—that Puig, future defector, was the victim of an alleged defection plot—is no easier to buy.