Who is obama dating

02 Sep

But could Swae Lee, 21, actually have a shot with 18-year-old Malia? The first daughter rocked a Pro Era shirt back in 2015, had Kendrick Lamar perform at her birthday this year and is a regular at festivals like Lollapalooza.

Paparazzi captured pictures of Malia sauntering towards the building at a quick pace.

It’s the Monday morning after the G20 summit in July.

President Trump and his team have returned to America and are apparently delighted by how it all went, but there are reports that his administration forgot to book hotel rooms and had to lodge staff at the US consulate, while the city of Hamburg stepped in to provide the president with a place to sleep.

Swae Lee, however, wants a date with the President’s daughter.

Yup, Malia Obama, the President’s daughter, is the current object of Swae Lee’s affection.