Who is bobby bones dating

12 Apr

The pair has kept their relationship relatively quiet because of fear of such prejudice from competing stations in markets where Bones has a presence.“I have a list of names that have told her specifically, ‘I’m not playing you ‘cause of Bobby,’” Bones continued.“There are absolutely stations out there that have verbalized because of the relationship, they weren’t going to play [Ell’s new music], or they’re going to wait significantly longer than they normally would to play it,” Jon Loba, president of Ell’s record label BBR Music Group told the Post.

When Brad Paisley says “you made a mistake,” as a country radio station, you made a HUGE mistake.

Following the cancellation of a radio station-sponsored event due to her personal life — specifically, her relationship with radio DJ Bobby Bones — Lindsay Ell is opening up about the experience.

The singer-songwriter says she’s willing to forgive and forget. There’s so many people around the situation who are amazing and …

Bones helped promote The Bull’s plans on Twitter, posting, “I’ve stayed out of this.

It’s been a bit of a wild ride at CBS Radio “New Country 105.1” KNCI Sacramento.