What to do when dating a man with a child

12 Jan

You think they're giving the middle finger to societal norms because they march to the beat of their own drum.You assume that they're a free bird and that their immaturity is really them just having a good time.Dates may sometimes canceled in cases where the child gets sick or a babysitter is not possible.Instead of wallowing or getting frustrated, make sure you have a life outside of him.

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Even though there are obvious disadvantages to dating guys with children, there are some really great advantages, as well. Men with kids have to schedule their time around kids.Be Independent When you do your own thing, you provide an excellent model for how he can get his own stuff done.2.Don’t Be His Mom If you're a "rescuer," this is probably a big challenge. Let him be accountable for whatever situation he creates. Stop Making Excuses If you find yourself doing this, then you're setting yourself up for being taken advantage of.This means that they delay financial and emotional independence, and they live in temporary situations and in temporary relationships much longer than men of earlier generations.Since they're everywhere, you need some tips to deal with man-boys 1.