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17 Nov

Breathing in mold spores can cause an immediate sneeze or a delayed allergic reaction, as long as six hours later.

It’s fruity, crystalline buds are more sativa than indica, but does not sacrifice any of that dank indica bag appeal: fat, sinister blueberry nuggets.Diesel, a breeze grown from seed also responds positively to cloning – cuttings will pop out healthy, vigorous roots in no time.Diesel is a speedy grower, especially with additional lighting (enormous yielding harvests from plants vegetated under 18 hours of light).Mold is a fuzzy-looking fungi that grows on damp, porous surfaces such as wood, plaster, wall board, flooring and behind ceiling tiles.Humans come into contact with mold in three chief ways: inhalation, eating moldy food or through contact with the skin. A 1994 Harvard University School of Public Health study of 10,000 homes in Canada and the United States found that half had water damage and mold.