Validating datagrid values

23 Apr

Notice the last parameter of the Map Route() method.It represents route constraints in the form of regular expressions.The Data Grid View control is the new grid control for Windows Froms 2.0.It replaces the Data Grid control with an easy to use and extremely customizable grid that supports many of the features that are needed for our customers.The regular expressions starting with ^ and end with $ ensure that only certain number of digits ( 4 for year, 2 for month and day) are allowed.The sign used for the postid parameter indicates that it can take one or more number of digits. In this tutorial, we learn all about this new module format, and explore how to write an application using it. With the rise of technologies like Node.js, server side Java Script is a very viable option. Dojo now supports modules written in the Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) format, which makes code easier to author and debug.

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The dojo/_base/lang resource makes it easy to augment objects and prototypes using lang.mixin, lang.extend, and Mixin when using dojo/_base/declare.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to load Dojo and begin exploring some of its core functionality. Not only is Java Script ready for the server side, AMD and the Dojo Toolkit also work well and this tutorial will explain how you can use Dojo with

You’ll also learn about Dojo’s AMD-based module architecture, discover how to load additional modules to add extra functionality to your Web site or application, and find out how to get help when things go wrong. In this tutorial, you'll learn about how to use Dojo to manipulate the DOM in a simple, cross-browser way.

This topic describes these attributes and provides examples.

control that enables the user to view and edit data from a data class.