Updating shortcut files batch

11 Sep

Ok I have four computers each with their own various applications.These PC's are in use by multiple people, and all their icons are placed in the documents and settings all users directory. ..\a\where ..\a\represents a relative path to your target. LNK by Windows complicates an otherwise conceptually simple objective.I created a batch file to pick a random file from a folder. This all becomes unnecessary with newer version of NTFS (after XP's version of NTFS) because newer versions of NTFS have symlinks.

updating shortcut files batch-68

set /a "counter =1" if %counter%==%rd Num% (start "" "%file Name%" &echo Starting %file Name%) goto :eof :: end of sub2 @Assylum Oh, I thought you meant with "the .exe".

It's possible to obtain the location of the Programs folder using a batch file, but doing so would more than double the size of the batch file, so I refrained.

I'm installing a desktop shortcut (to a batch file) from a Wi X-based installer -- how do I automatically configure this shortcut with the "Run as Administrator" setting enabled?

If you look at a inf file for a program that's been installed on your system, you may see a section that looks something like this: [Add Link] setup.ini, progman.groups,, "group0=%Short Name%" setup.ini, group0,, ""%Short Name%"" setup.ini, group0,, """%icon1name%"",""I002%\jscript5.chm"",,0," This may look like jibberish, but that's the sort of syntax that programmers use in an INF file to create start menu shortcuts.

Once you divine the syntax, you can easily create a start menu shortcut to any file or folder on your system and then move it from the start menu to the folder of your choice. It takes four parameters, which must all be passed to the batch file, and in exact order.