Updating service pack

05 Apr

* Required x Web Help Content Version: SOLIDWORKS Installation 2016 SP05 The search functionality within the web help is in a beta test phase and you may experience periodic delays or interruptions in its performance.These are the normal and ordinary features of a beta test and shall not under any circumstances give rise to any liability on the part of Dassault Systèmes Solid Works Corporation or its licensors.This document outlines the updates, enhancements, features, and changes included in this release.If you encounter issues during a production deployment of MIM SP1, please contact Microsoft customer support. If you have any feedback, comments, or concerns for the product team, email us at [email protected]

You do not have to install Service Pack 1 in order to install Service Pack 2.

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As you may know, Microsoft revealed Windows 7 SP1 details for the first time just a few days back and now we have Windows 7 SP1 beta in our hands.

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