Updating firmware on canon 40d Pinayweb chat

15 Dec

We really do appreciate this - Keith February 12th Buy a lens and flash with your 40D and get a 0 rebate (US – until 1st March) January 20th New Firmware 1.1.1 Fixes a malfunction that in rare occurrence causes a low battery indication to be displayed when using the EF 85mm F1.2L II USM lens.

Depending on the battery check timing of the camera, the battery level displayed on the camera’s LCD data panel may shows Battery will be exhausted soon or Battery must be recharged, even though the battery capacity is sufficient.

It will be interesting to see what happens in 2013 if any of the more advanced cinema cameras get any hacking time -- if so there could be some very interesting additions.

Either way, head on over to the Magic Lantern site to read more about the update and download it for the Canon 7D.

They are more common in the first six months of a product's market life, but updates will continue to be released as long as the manufacturer feels there are sufficient users of the product in the marketplace to justify the effort.

However, don't feel you MUST update your equipment's firmware each time a new update is released.

Before downloading firmware it's wise to check exactly what the new firmware provides, so you can decide whether it's relevant.

As we approach midnight in most places around the world (with some already celebrating the new year), the hardworking team over at Magic Lantern has delivered more updates to the trusty Canon DSLRs.

We now have a second alpha for the Canon 7D -- a camera that we previously thought was unhackable -- and more updates are on their way with support for the Canon T4i, 6D, and 40D. Here's a bit from Magic Lantern about the release, thanks to planet5D for the tip: We didn't try it in the field, but we ran some testing scripts that select random items from the menu.

Fixes a malfunction that prevents correct colors from being printed when direct printing. Modifies the level of subject brightness that causes the AF-assist beam to fire when using an external Speedlite.

RAW images captured using the camera’s custom Picture Styles (Emerald, etc.), which have been downloaded from Canon’s Web site and registered under User Def. Enables an external flash connected to the camera’s synchro terminal to fire even when the camera’s built-in flash is popped up.