Updating an inground pool Freesexchating

10 Sep

Colley’s will accommodate all of your needs and insure a smooth and successful renovation, plus we guarantee no leaks or wrinkles.

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Dig up sections of existing lawn to widen flower beds so they balance the mass of the pool itself.

Plant hardy plants that will thrive in the reflected heat of your pool decking, such as colorful, spiky cordyline (Cordyline hybrids), which thrives in full sun or partial shade in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8a through 10b.

The pool owner wanted to replace his liner and decided to do a few renovations at the same time.

The pool was 3 feet deep in the shallow end and 8 feet deep in the deep end; it also included an 8 foot step on the side. So our renovation team raised the pool floor to 3.5 feet in the shallow end and 5 feet in the deep end. Colley’s Pools & Spas offers complete service when it comes to replacing your existing liner.

Pool coping is the term used to describe the material (usually brick, stone or concrete) found above the tile line.

It’s used to cover the top of the pool’s structure or to “cap” the pool shell wall.

Once the pool was completed, we replaced the concrete decking at the location of the side step to match the existing decking. This includes measuring of the pool to insure proper fit of the new liner to the completion of installation.

In cooler climates, plant tropical plants in pots that you can bring indoors during the winter.

Lay a concrete overlay on top of the existing concrete around your pool to repair minor cracks or to change the character of the deck.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools not only builds top quality pools, it also restores and revitalizes older pools, helping them look new again.

One great way to transform your pool without breaking the bank is updating the pool coping.