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17 Jan

On Linux deleted yet open files are known to lsof and marked as (deleted) in lsof's output.You can check this with 5% (by default) of the filesystem is reserved for cases where the filesystem fills up to prevent serious problems. Nothing catastrophic is happening because of the 5% buffer -- root is permitted to use that safety buffer and, in your setup, non-root users have no reason to write into that filesystem.Can anyone offer suggestions on what might be going on here?The server appears to be working without issue, but I want to make sure there's not a problem with the partition table, file systems or something else which might result in implosion (or explosion) later. I can't create files as a normal user so it does appear that it's the 5 percent buffer that's preventing catastrophe.I'm not sure what is triggering it -- it may be IRB, rails, or a gem that we have, but there is a constant stream of these messages on stderr when the rails console ('rails c') is loaded: [email protected] 3.2.0-86.123 ..I still continue to get the same 'function not implemented', including after reboot.

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It varies by which version of Ubuntu is running, the origin of the deleted folders/files, and who deleted them.Here are some ways you can track which processes still refer to the deleted files.), or if that doesn't work to restart the server in general.This is an annoying problem on a lot of Linux distributions, and it can have several causes.If you delete files from the filesystem, the command "df -h" might not show the deleted space as being available.