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But her lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko took issue with that, arguing that the recommendations explicitly were that Tymoshenko should go to a specialized clinic for an extended course of treatment, which should start immediately.According to the German medical specialists who examined the former prime minister, “Mrs. He earlier said Health Ministry officials were aware of Tymoshenko’s true state of health, but the ministry proposed “physical exercise as treatment and even forbade crutches.” Tymoshenko’s supporters claim her health has deteriorated since her pre-trial detention began in August 2011 and that she is no longer able to walk due to back problems. 21, 2009) ii Executive Summary In 2011, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was tried and convicted of abusing her official powers and causing grave damage. her attempts to induce witnesses to give evidence in her favor." 529 Judge Kireyev 530 agreed to consider the petition following Azarov's questioning. 533 On the reasons to alter a measure of restraint for Yulia Tymoshenko at 1 (document provided to Skadden by the OPG). On Tuesday, the European Court of Human Rights announced its verdict on the case of Tymoshenko.It decided her arrest was illegal and politically motivated.Full story: On Tuesday, the European Court of Human Rights ordered that the arrest of former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko's arrest was illegal and politically motivated."What is taking place today in Ukraine's east and south is not just an aggression, not just a terrorist act by Russia against those regions of Ukraine," she said."I am sure that it has to be defined by a proper word: a war, which has been launched by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and which has a goal to actually seize Ukraine's territory." Tymoshenko called on authorities to "immediately announce a state of emergency" in Ukraine's eastern regions, where pro-Moscow protesters have seized government buildings and security headquarters in around 10 towns and cities.

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"In the nearest hours, we will recommend the appointment of the commanders of those territorial brigades of defense, who will be mobilizing people," she said.January 21, 2009: Cabinet of Ministers Meeting 30 I. What is clear is that Tymoshenko used the document to facilitate Naftogaz's agreement with Gazprom according to the terms that she had negotiated. These contracts included: o Gas Price: For the first quarter of 2009, Naftogaz agreed to pay Gazprom 0 per thousand cubic meters (kcm) of gas purchased. • In 2009, Naftogaz used 3.639 billion cubic meters of gas to facilitate the transit of Russian gas to Europe. • Tymoshenko was tried and convicted for her role in bringing about the January 19 agreement. The two nations have a long history of disputes over the purchase price for gas (paid to Russia) and the transit price (paid to Ukraine). The parties failed to reach an agreement before their prior contract expired on December 3 1 . She emerged from that meeting and informed 1 Dubyna that he would participate in a press conference at which the parties would sign an agreement that embodied the terms that she had negotiated with Putin. • Tymoshenko produced an official looking document with her signature. As long as you're just a mummer, I'll remain seated. Background on the Russia-Ukraine Gas Conflict 10 H. January 19, 2009: Tymoshenko and Dubyna in Moscow 27 H. Several facets of this incident are in dispute, including to whom Tymoshenko handed the document, what she did or did not say, and the legal effect of the document. • Following receipt of the document, Dubyna and his deputy signed 10-year agreements on behalf of Naftogaz with Gazprom, Russia's state-owned energy company. January 1-17, 2009: Russian Shutdown of Gas to Ukraine 21 D. January 19, 2009: Tymoshenko Meets with Yushchenko 26 F. Dubyna insisted on receiving a writing from the Prime Minister before he would sign the agreement. The official seal of the Cabinet of Ministers appeared on the document. judge and people's assessors"); Trial Transcript at 16 (Aug.