Taylor swift and boys like girls dating

25 Jun

She has been staying out of the public's eye for three months and, according to the insider, is desperate to avoid the public scrutiny she faced while dating Tom, 36.Joe is the first person Taylor has been linked to since she split with the Brit and they have reportedly been dating for months. It's a new release and you should definitely listen to it! She knew the guy was trouble, and yet she went out with him. Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well. This song is so magical and beautiful it makes me feel so... Red This song is just like all taylor swift songs just AWESOME MIND-BLOWING! Can't believe a person can sing and write such WONDERFUL songs! you give your whole heart to a guy and he breaks it.. This song is so beautiful I Knew You Were Trouble Best Taylor Swift song yet! But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up. It just makes you love Taylor Swift and her amazing music more... I think it should be much higher because it's easy the best song from her latest album RED! this song is just so sad I hate all the guys who broke her heart she did not deserve it at all she is so awesome and I love all the dresses she wears! Our Song The only reason this song isn't #1 is because it is not one of her newest songs and it came out when she wasn't that popular. SO LISTEN TO IT AND VOTE I really like this song, especially "MINE"Why is it that You Belong with Me is the first? I swear this song is the best for me, so keep on voting this song, because this song makes me cry and it makes me remember my Ex-boyfriend living in Rome, Italy, I miss you Babe! I like how Taylor swift sing's her song's are so so good.

I usually get bored hearing other songs after hearing few times. You can't get rid of it cause you remember it all too well. Swift, but this describes the stage of my life "All Too Well. S White Horse I did this song for a talent show we rocked! Good lyrics and even better music yaar this is much much better than all above...

I don’t really pay close attention to pop culture these days, but Taylor is one famous face who I can’t seem to escape, and who’s troubles in the love department have captured my attention (and sympathy! All I know is this is a girl who gives her all to relationships, usually gets burned as a result, then makes millions writing songs about it.

It doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, but I’ll bet that Taylor would happily exchange a lot of those millions to find true love. Like many women out there, Taylor can’t seem to resist the bad boys.

Never one to do things halfway, Swift has made this a pop show — or rather pop show, as far as 2015 is concerned.

Taylor Swift brought it all back home last night, or at least to New Jersey's Met Life Stadium, for her 1989 Tour.