Taeyang and park bom dating

05 Jan

In his Japanese caption, Seungri said: "Seriously..

that's enough now." BIG BANG members have admitted that they like to mess around with Seungri the most because he's the youngest among the group and its obvious in the photo that G-Dragon is used to teasing his dongseng.

Anyways shes just eating with a man that is probably just close to her. They aren't even as good as 2NE1 when they had their debut. PFFFT, 2NE1 can sing their songs way better than them.

I thought she wore them for bloating but I actually never knew what they were for or why she wore them but I definitely seen her wear it before.

When she was in the sixth grade, Park Bom left Korea on her own to study in the United States.

G-Dragon messes around with Seungri and declares on Instagram how Taeyang is his partner for life.(Photo : Instagram.com/xxxibgdrgn) 2NE1 might have disbanded last year and BIG BANG may be taking a break because of T. P's mandatory enlistment but their members' friendships remain as strong as ever.2NE1's Sandara Park and BIG BANG G-dragon In a sweet post, 2NE1 Park Bom shared a snap on her twitter showing two corn pies from Mc Donald's and dried squid from Thailand.The paper bag bore a cute note and doodle written by Sandara which said: "Bom~ Enjoy the food!!! After seeing the post, Sandara expressed happiness that Bom already finished off one of the corn pies and told her friend that she would get more for Park Bom when she returns to Thailand.It can be recalled that Sandara was in Thailand for a few days to shoot for the summer campaign of Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe.