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26 Jan

From my perspective, our criminal justice system has lost perspective when those within it work to incarcerate citizens for decisions they make during the course of business, especially when those decisions lacked any criminal intent and any effort at self enrichment.

The following represents some of what I learned about Greg's inspiring story.

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]Federal prosecutors aren't buying former KB Home CEO Bruce Karatz's claim that he didn't defraud shareholders during the backdating scandal that rocked the company.And he hired Rich Marmaro and his white collar criminal defense team from Skadden Arps – to prove his case.And in a remarkable two-month trial in 2009, they fought back against what they alleged and what the judge agreed was prosecutorial misconduct. Ruehle has written a book that is destined to become an instant classic in the annals of corporate and white collar crime. Ruehle, You are a Free Man — A Broadcom Saga — My Fight for Justice.We became friends while he served his sentence inside the federal prison camp in Taft, California.For 11 months, we spent a portion of every day talking and I learned a great deal from him.