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20 Aug

To use the templates for any other client, your consulting firm will need to purchase a consulting license. Bookmark = links How Hyperlinks are automatically activated when you simply create your PDF when you use any of our recommended free PDF writing applications.

The fact that he used this Shapelib in some of his utilities, and thanked me was a great encouragement to me.

In order to make and save changes to a PDF file, you need a license for Adobe Acrobat, or Live Cycle Reader Extensions.

Changes that normally require Adobe Acrobat include: entering text, saving a PDF form, and adding comments.

An excellent white paper on the shapefile format is available from ESRI, but it is format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat to browse it. I didn't start this section anywhere near soon enough, so alot of earlier contributors to Shapelib are lost in pre-history.

I would like to dedicate Shapelib to the memory of Sol Katz.