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29 Dec

The skit, starring Vanessa Bayer, Kate Mc Kinnon, Sasheer Zamata, and Leslie Jones fake smiling their way through marketing the app towards women looking to speed along the courting process so they can get hitched as soon as possible.

It also drives the point home with its cutting tag line: 'Tick.

v=T43j QQzm0qo It’s funny how “Settl” seems to be closest to Tinder (not being able to swipe left is a feature!

), whereas “Give Up And” hearkens more to those atrociously cheery ads you might see for or e Harmony during TV’s off-hours.

'I've tried all the online dating apps like Tindr, OK Cupid and, but I want to get married now.

For Vanessa's character, she explains how she signed up for the app because she 'already bought my wedding dress' and all that she needed to complete the package was a groom.

But who did it better — “Saturday Night Live” or You Tuber Ryan Higa?

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'The fact that the dating scenarios are not that of the usual dating nightmares of men living out of their cars or not having a job seems to have made hit a bit too close to home for some viewers, as one Twitter user dubbed the skit: 'the most terrifying SNL sketch ever'.It must be incredibly tough to be a writer for “Saturday Night Live” when everyone online is either a critic or a comic.But it’s hard to ignore that one of last night’s highlights from the show, a dating app parody called “Settl”… was a more straightforward twist on the premise of a wacky viral video from last year, “Give Up And,” which racked up nearly five million views on You Tube: https://Here is a fake app that won't even let you “swipe left.” Here is an app that will only let you upload your worst photos, so your potential partner can only see you at your worst.The result: dates with depressingly below average gentlemen.