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22 Oct

"As there have been so many features and content implemented, we've encountered some stability issues that we want to address before going to a wider test audience."Understandably, the community hasn't been overly enthusiastic about yet another delay.

This led to Will Leverett, 's director of player relations, to post a more detailed reply about the delay."When venturing off into uncharted territory, one does not always see or know all of the challenges ahead of them," he wrote.

Debris, dust, and gases thrown into the atmosphere by the impact would have blocked sunlight, temporarily cooling the planet—and indeed, contemporaneous accounts describe dim skies, cold summers, and poor harvests in 536 and 537.

“A most dread portent took place,” the Byzantine historian Procopius wrote of 536; the sun “gave forth its light without brightness.” Frost reportedly covered China in the summertime. When a space object strikes land, it kicks up more dust and debris, increasing the global-cooling effect; at the same time, the combination of shock waves and extreme heating at the point of impact generates nitric and nitrous acids, producing rain as corrosive as battery acid.

Premier League fans will be able to watch 126 live games from the top flight for only £18 a month starting from next season.

Sky Sports has had a major shake-up to its sports offerings by expanding to 10 channels, including Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football, as each channel will be tailored to an individual sport.

There's no reason NES Classic couldn't enjoy similar longevity.

Much like the runaway success of the mobile game earlier this year, NES Classic illustrates how far apart Nintendo and its fans have been over the last few years: Its franchises are popular, but that potential audience simply wasn't buying in to the actual products Nintendo produced.

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A similar device called Atari Flashback, which plays games from 1977's Atari 2600 console, debuted in 2004 and is now in its seventh iteration, which you can still easily find on shelves at Target, Toys R Us, and other gaming retailers today.

e Bay prices for the device, which plays 30 8-bit games from the 1980s and 1990s via HDMI, have shot up past 0.

This will normalize once enough units are on the market, probably after Christmas.

So she began searching for underwater craters caused by impacts rather than by other forces, such as volcanoes.

What she has found is spine-chilling: evidence that several enormous asteroids or comets have slammed into our planet quite recently, in geologic terms.