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06 Dec

Inside a tough membrane that protects the egg and prevents it from drying out, a baby grunion can mature away from aquatic predators.

It needs time underwater to wriggle free of its egg, so it waits to hatch until the sun and move perfectly align for the highest tide before dissolving its casing and swimming into the sea.

They knew they were involved in some kind of prank and didn't want to rise to the bait.

It amuses me most to imagine #1 or #2 being the main explanation. Stay tuned for other email antics from yours truly.

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When online dating site Russian Brides sent him the details of the person who had created an account in his name, it was revealed to be Emma.

I am a victim of an individual that sexually molested me 20 years ago.

I was young and scared and never told anyone that this person committed this crime?

Fearing he would lose his job, Tim went to his boss, who he said was 'sympathetic' about the situation.

'They could have gone down a completely different track and fired me over work email policies,' he said. I just want people to know what can happen and to be very careful about who you let into your life,' he said.