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26 Nov

Even in the 'liberal' sixties, conservative, traditionalist views were widely held, and many modern historians and social scientists are beginning to think that 'revolution' is too much of an overstatement.Despite this, there were changes in sexual attitudes and practices, particularly among the young.However, he still believes this research is promising because it suggests that the findings in previous studies about calorie restriction in flies and rodents also apply to rhesus monkeys, who are more closely related to humans. One is that this is because people are having children later in life and are just more tired.

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The modern consensus is that the sexual revolution in 1960s America was typified by a dramatic shift in traditional values related to sex, and sexuality.

And the next question was, "How could everything have changed so fast,?

" which did seem a genuine puzzle."Sex and the Constitution" provides a most insightful account of how that momentous change happened and where it might be going. Every page is interesting, clearly written and makes you want to keep on reading. And the subject, of course, is fascinating, especially in its evolutionary mixture of sex and religion.

However, it turns out all the choices could be making Americans have less sex, according to a recent study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In past research, calorie restriction has been found to increase the life expectancy of rodents, flies and yeast by nearly 40 percent.