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16 Jan

Go to property builder by right click on Grid View - Edit Columns.Uncheck Auto-Generate Field from the Property window.

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You need to include the Grid View Command Field column to add Edit, Update and Cancel Buttons in the Grid View. You need to include Template Field for every column you want to provide Editing because Template Field provides you both Item Template and Edit Item Template to create interface for two separate Grid View modes. You need to handle Grid View events such as Row Editing, Row Canceling Edit and Row Updating to provide desired editing functionality.

Major concern with any data entry form is Add, Edit, Delete and View.

It covers most of the basic reports for which you do not need any reporting component like Crystal Report, Report Viewer etc.

Template Field Colums have Item Template, Alternating Item Template, Edit Template, Header Template, Footer Template.

Each template columns Item Template field contains Label Control & Edit Template contains Text Box control for Editing item.