Regular expression for validating time in dating macth love kz

21 Aug

And doing the math on the number of calls times regex execution time, the regex was actually fast enough, the number of calls was the big issue…So how could we make this faster? We decided to try a couple of solutions to the problem and benchmark them.When using Textbox questions, often times you'll want to validate the data your respondents enter.If you select a numeric validation, you can choose to Force Whole/Positive Numbers and/or Allow Values Between a minimum and maximum range.(Optional) When using validation we recommend displaying an example format to your survey respondents.This is particularly useful if you are using complex validation patterns.Once you master the pattern language, most validation tasks become trivial.You can perform complex tasks that once required lengthy procedures with just a few lines of code using regular expressions.

A while back, we were performance profiling an application and noticed a big performance bottleneck while mapping objects using Auto Mapper.

Actually not the regular expression itself, but the regular expression property was obviously being set, and validating the incoming value using a regular expression.

Not a super big deal in itself, except that while mapping this validation was executed for a few thousand objects, resulting in around one second (sometimes more) to map these objects. Here’s the code that had the bottleneck:, supposed to be super fast?

A good place for this is the additional instructions section of your question title.

When capturing information for insertion into a database, or use in other processing, it's important to control what the user can enter.