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05 Jun

‘Cheers to living free of judgement, reservations and inhibitions. Don’t let others affect your happiness and self-worth.

As casual and intimate as a good friend, these zines give a glimpse into Kelly's challenges and support system, including transitioning to living as a man, coming out, and dealing with issues of gender identity.

Zines are handmade, underground publications that resemble little magazines or chapbooks.

They are most often a labour of love, inspired by a need to communicate and connect with like-minded folks, or as an avenue for disseminating art or political ideas.

In fact, though I stayed in North Vancouver, since the Joe Fortes Branch of the Vancouver Public Library was just over the soaring Lions Gate Bridge and through bucolic Stanley Park, it was easier to reach than any of the libraries in my suburb.

Though the front could easily be mistaken for a funky café, this branch is actually part of a large joint operation with the West End Community Centre and the King George High School.