Pros and cons of mandating nurses

19 Oct

Proponents of the health care legislation have called it a "historic victory" and "landmark legislation" that reforms the US health care system by lowering health care costs, making health care more affordable, and protecting consumers from unfair insurance practices.

They cite the Congressional Budget Office which reports that by 2021, it will reduce the nation's deficit by about 0 billion.

A key finding was that nurses need to be able to take on more responsible positions.

Additionally, the report had concluded that there should be twice as many doctorate graduate nurses by 2020.

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Higher education can seem daunting to a lot of people.Letter Cites Nurses’ Sacrifice During Difficult Financial Times, Points to Steward’s Failure to Offer a Fair Wage Proposal or Promised Pension Benefit, as well as Working Conditions that Have Resulted in the Loss of 41 Percent of the Nurses on Staff This intensive six-week program has one space available for an MNA member; the MNA covers the entire cost of the program. The Charge Against Steward is the Second Filed by the Nurses Since March as the Employer Refuses to Provide Required Information and Has Refused to Make Any Economic Proposals in Negotiations for a New Union Contract Share your concerns easily and quickly with your State Senator.Learn about pending legislation that could affect Massachusetts nurses.HB 1426 and SB 553, sponsored by State Representative Di Girolamo (R-18) and State Senator Daylin Leach (D-17), are modeled on California’s extremely successful 1999 law.These bills would amend the Health Care Facilities Act to establish life-saving minimum nurse-to-patient ratios throughout the hospital.