Project summary task not updating

13 Dec

I’ll admit up front, until I began writing this post, I didn’t realize that Physical % Complete actually rolls up natively within Microsoft Project.

First off, let’s take a step back and talk about just what exactly Physical % Complete is.

The server seems to ignore the custom field values while correctly updating system field values.

There is documentation for updating custom fields on Project, but not on Task: Dev/Project-REST-Basic-Operations/blob/master/updateprojectcustomfieldvalues.ps1 What is the proper way for updating custom fields on Tasks in Project Server 2016?

For Project Server 2013 we’ve been using the SOAP API’s Queue Update Project Request to achieve this but in 2016 we can’t even checkout the project using SOAP.

Just like formulas in Excel, MS Project formulas can look at the data in your project plan and dynamically adjust the value of any flag, text or number column.

In software, I would identify rules of credit to define when I am allowed to change Physical % Complete.

For instance, an architectural review may net me 25%, architect approval 50%, customer sign off 100%.

Physical % Complete is a measure of how “done” a task actually is.

Generally speaking, it’s the most appropriate measure of how done the task is – especially when compared to other typical measures like % Complete or % Work Complete – which track how much duration and work we’ve consumed respectively.