Problems updating flash player in firefox

19 Dec

If this doesn't help, then try disabling such programs entirely as a test to see if this affects your issue. Try opening Pandora in an alternative browser like Chrome to see if you have any more luck.

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Security researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in recent versions of Adobe Flash that have not been patched yet by Adobe but are exploited in the wild.Many times quitting your browser completely, re-opening it and going back to help. - Under History, next to Firefox will, make sure it's set to Use custom settings for history.If you're still having issues using Pandora in Firefox, try the following steps: 1. - Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked, and click on Exceptions.Restarted firefox but it still says that I have an outdated version of flash. Is there a apt-get command to get the latest update for flash player? I would have thought that as some 40% of the worlds web sites are run with flash player code.Because my youtube and so on runs slow so I figured its because I dont have the latest update. This effectively means that if we use the internet, then we must use something like Windows and forget linux.