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07 Feb

But it was a style that Louis XV and Louis XVI loved and expressed their quest for “elegance” in architecture, furnishings and paintings.Rococo was expressed by curves, contrasts of light and especially in the use of gold trims and mirrors to reflect the candlelight. Beschwerden oder Anmerkungen, die sich nicht direkt auf einen Artikel beziehen? Alle Angaben werden selbstverständlich vertraulich behandelt. Der dringende Wunsch, dem Autor geheime Informationen zu übermitteln? Journalistic round-ups of the year are a massive ball-ache for the poor sod who has to write them, so I won't bore you with one here.If you can be bothered Charlie Brooker's Wipe 2011 does a reasonable job of it, although there seems to be more on phone-hacking than the Arab Spring (which involved rather more deaths and democracy and will probably affect more lives in the long run).A handful of people will never like a tabloid journalist, or me, or what I say, and that's fine.I have neither the time nor medical expertise to convince them otherwise anyway.

He has played Hamlet more than four hundred times; the theatre critic Benedict Nightingale has described him as “among the near-complete Hamlets.” Rylance also works in movies; when I saw him, he was filming “The Other Boleyn Girl,” in which he plays Thomas Boleyn, Anne Boleyn’s father.

If Baroque art was associated with the Catholic Stylistic art and the efforts of the absolute monarchs like Louis XIV of France to maintain a high style to keep the people in line, then the Rococo period was an attempt to keep the people in line by giving them more entertainment and style.

The Church labeled Rococo as being too superfluous and not appropriate for worship.

Another 365 days have passed and the whole world is marking it at an arbitrary point in time after which everything is much the same as it was before, only with a hangover.

It must be said though that the annual habit of taking a step back to survey what has passed is a pleasing one, and when I bought a 2012 diary the other day I had a lot of fun going through the 2011 one to transfer all the birthdays and seeing where I was and what or whom I was doing.