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02 May

READ MORE: * Gigabit broadband now the goal * Top internet speeds to get five times faster Consumer manager Taryn Hamilton said internet users who already had ultrafast broadband (UFB) would be able to get the service "within days" while those who needed a connection to the network could expect to wait between two and six weeks.

Gigabit broadband will be available from other providers at much the same time.

Chorus – which is building the remaining 70 per cent of the UFB network – was not currently scheduled to make gigabit broadband generally available in the cities where it is laying UFB – such as Auckland and Wellington – until next year, My Republic marketing manager Nicholas Keegan said.

But Taryn Hamilton, consumer manager at Vocus – New Zealand's third largest internet provider – expected a gigabit service from Chorus would "not be far away"."I would be very surprised if it was as late as next year," he said.

Chorus has found the average user on its network is now using 150 gigabytes per month, which was 50 per cent higher than the June 2016 average.

Spark expected to starting testing a gigabit service in Christchurch over Enable's fibre network within a few weeks.by Thomfam on May 18, 2017 · permalink Still not working 100% of the time with my Bigpond Account! It might update correctly once per day but most times it hasn't. by ucould2 on April 26, 2017 · permalink Have been getting problem since about February of 2017 eg."A parsing error occurred (S2)." Just made a donation so I am hoping that this add-on is still going to be useful, especially since Firefox requires every add-on to be signed now?Ultrafast broadband (UFB) network companies Enable, Northpower Fibre and Hamilton-based Ultrafast Fibre announced they would start wholesaling ultrafast broadband plans with 1 gigabit download speeds and 500 megabit upload speeds from October 1.That is five times the speed internet providers can offer on fibre to most consumers today.