Naked bow hunter

27 Mar

Enthusiasts can “go naked” with the Possi-Grip™ and use the bare bow contours to connect with the bow at the most fundamental level, or they can add more meat to build up the handle.

ILF technology opens up a wide selection of limb options, and added features provide more flexibility like button plungers. Add bowfishing rests and reels to take your hunt to the next level.

’ I have been told, ‘You shouldn't shoot a 3 1/2-inch shell – too much for your little arms to take! When I take women out with me, I make it about what they are comfortable with.

’ and I have even heard, ‘The only reason you get any attention is because you are a woman hunter and they are so rare you don't have to be good.’” - The Solution: Don’t push. I don't ever push, but I try to make it a bonding and fun experience that keeps them wanting to get back out there.

I was shocked and elated when Ben said he could hunt the last two days of the season.

I must say, his wife is a trooper sending Ben off to hunt with a 3-week old infant at home.

To get the basics, let's start off with the fun stuff - diagrams.

A candid, and brutally honest piece that will make you laugh, make you angry, and even scare the hell out of you.

Some archery stores still utilize this time-honored method of bow salesmanship.

Nevertheless, the retail market has changed, and the test-drive method of bow shopping has become less common.

But, sometimes you guys make mistakes – big ones that may prevent us from wanting to ever hit the woods with you, or anyone else for that matter, ever again.

We love that you’re willing to take the ladies in your lives hunting.