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19 Apr

For example, the […] THE SUNDAY OF THE DEAD – LA DOMENICA DEI MORTI (DER TOTENSONNTAG) By Mario Montanari – from his book Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale vol II Tobruk (p. The CR25 – a solid, elegant and well-finished aircraft – soon displayed its potentials.Thanks to its good characteristics, this unit showed itself as being so flexible, as to carry out several tasks: long range fighter, medium range fast reconnoiter, light bomber and even fast passenger cargo.In the spring of 2004, I walked into the back room of the gym to stretch and there he was sitting on the floor doing ab work. The same week that he learned of his deployment, I was offered a job on the East Coast (I was living in the West at the time). No problem, I had dated a “weekend warrior” before.After complicated negotiations the government and king accepted the conditions for the armistice.

The new force was divided into divisions on the scale of one division for each province.

In 1942 he was called to the Army General Staff and the following year, to the High Command and collaborated as personal aide with General Vittorio Ambrosio.

He was a close friend of Benito Mussolini's son-in-law Galeazzo Ciano, who was the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

But each military has its own history, traditions and culture and the degree of integration of women varies from one to another.

Although women have served in armed forces for many years, the debate about the feminisation of the military continues, even in countries that are farther down the road of integration than others: about how and where women should serve and train, about the extent to which women should be integrated, and even about whether the process has already gone too far.