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29 Dec

What else could be expected during the present conservative era?Paul Krugman, the liberal Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist, recently described Obama, whom he supports, as having ruled like “a moderate Republican circa 1992.” Viewing the ultraconservatives, African American professor and left intellectual Cornell West detected “creeping fascism.” In today’s society — based on gross economic inequality facilitated by a two-party political system spanning center right to far right and where big money is the decisive factor in the electoral process — an ostensibly democratic election can hardly mitigate the worst of abuses afflicting working people and their families, much less bring about substantial reform.Like the Roman Catholic church after widespread evidence of priests molesting children, sacrosanct capitalism — the economic holy of holies — is finally attracting public criticism for its crimes and hypocrisy, not yet on a huge scale, but growing.The sudden entrance of Occupy Wall Street last September with an open critique of the substantial excesses of capitalism in American society, following the democratic Arab Spring and Wisconsin uprising, has energized much of the left and progressive forces. — Matt Bouldin came to Gonzaga because he wanted to win basketball games.He accomplished that and became one of the finest players in the program’s history along the way.“The next day, I get an email from my sister in New York who had heard somehow and was wondering what it was all about.” Bouldin remains quite content with the level of celebrity he has earned on his own in the environs of Gonzaga and the West Coast Conference, and to lesser degree across the nation.And to continue to display the class that has made him an award finalist.

He played college basketball for Gonzaga University.

“It was funny how that was created and how it built up,” Bouldin said.

“Pretty much all that happened was that I was in the front row at her concert in Spokane with some people who pointed me out and she said hi to me from on stage.

He’s a great passer, great shooter, great scorer, great guy off the bounce.

He rebounds.” Bouldin, who was named the West Coast Conference player of the year Monday, plays his final home game tonight when No.