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In the winter, The Mountain Top offers downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Kids' Museum and the Peoria Play House Children's Museum.

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On this day in 1999, Kathleen Ann Soliah, a former member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), is arrested near her home in St. Soliah, who now calls herself Sara Jane Olsen, had been evading authorities for more than 20 years. As daylight breaks, survivors of a tsunami in Japan find that more than 20,000 of their friends and family have perished overnight.

His wife (Frances Ashwanden) and children joined him the following year. He was married, July 19, 1863, to Miss Ellen Lewis, of Grand Rapids. He came to this country in 1883 from Attinghausen, Switzerland. They lived on a large tract of land just east of the now intersection of Hwy 13 and 73. Cotey was one of the first merchants to operate a general store in Pittsville. Cotey established himself in business as general merchant in partnership with George A Corriveau. Remained in Cleveland and practiced a year, and in 1875 came to Centralia, Wis., and commenced practice as a physician. Wisconsin Marshfield: Attorney, was born at Vienna, Dane Co., Wis., March 29, 1856. He was married February 2, 1854 to Miss Maria Henderson of Laalen. He has by this marriage, five children--Hans, Willie, Henry, Julia and Albert.

He was married October 9, 1878 to Miss Alice Shadduck, of Plainville, Adams County, Wis. He estabished a farm on what was described as "wild land" in the town of Seneca. He lived at Plainfield one year; ran Neeve's mill at Grand Rapids ten years; then a mill at Seneca; and has been in charge of this mill at Auburndale for the past three years. Wisconsin Altdorf: As a youth, Jost Bissig was educated in Altdorf, Switzerland. has living next neighbor to him his only brother, Jacob, who came here in 1867, and has followed farming also. He was born in Scotland in October of 1816, and married Elizabeth (Law) Marr in 1859 in Saratoga. was married, August 16, 1880 to Miss Martha Syms, daughter of Peter P. He is engaged prinpally in bee culture in the season of it. George received his literary education at Brooklyn Academy; was graduated at Western Reserve Medical College, Cleveland, Ohio in 1874. followed in 1864; came to Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. He is a wagon-maker by trade and followed that occupation in the old country, but has followed farming principally in this country.

He came to Pittsville in 1898 and successfully operated a general store until it burned in 1911. Connor & Co., of Marshfield, was born in Warner, N. His father moved to Waukesha County, Wis., in 1851. Dean, moved soon after to Kenosha, Wis., then to Omro in 1859, where he lived until 1876, when he moved to Auburndale. commenced business for himself in 1878 and is now foreman in R. D., was born March 31, 1859 in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

He was married April 4, 1875 to Miss Althea Cleveland, of Medford, Wis. He began earning his living by pedaling and dealing in general merchandise. Source: Yellow River Pioneers Auburndale: Foreman for R.