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04 Dec

In order to study the effect of good communication on teens' sexual behavior, they reviewed the large volume of medical literature on the subject (52 studies), and grouped together data from 30 years of research involving over 25,000 teenagers.Their results, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics of November 2, demonstrated a small but significant link between good communication on sexual topics and safer sexual behavior such as responsible contraceptive and condom use.She won’t say I wanna go to Hua Hin when you suggest going to Pattaya.

In an editorial accompanying this study published in the same journal, Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, co-author and researcher at New York University also noted that: "Most research has focused on parental influences in delaying sexual debut.Sexually active youths also benefit from parental discussions regarding sexual and reproductive health outcomes.Youth want to hear from their parents and overwhelmingly say that parents matter.Even if you really make a Thai girl angry and that doesn’t happen much at all she will forgive you anything, even having banged her best friend.Thai Girls let you be the boss in the relationship If you tell your Thai girlfriend about what you want to do at the weekend she will simply go like yes cool let’s do that.