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11 Jul

the conversations about travel tended to revolve around great holidays and dream destinations, and that makes people feel good and so appear more attractive to one another. This is how to have smooth first date conversation. Don’t dominate, but don’t be a non-contributor either.

When talking about movies, less than 9 percent of the pairs wanted to meet up again, compared to 18 percent when participants spoke about the top topic—travel…

As a young patient at a hospital in then-Palestine, Westheimer dishes, she had a “brief but intense love affair” with a male nurse. Ruth: At age 10, Westheimer was taken on a from Germany to an orphanage in Switzerland. Later, she trained to be a sniper in the paramilitary organization Haganah. I think people have to take the responsibility that if they are in bed together, they are willing to have some kind of sexual experience. “As a four-foot-seven woman, I would have been turned away by any self-respecting army anywhere else in the world,” she writes, “but I had other qualities that made me a valuable guerrilla.” Among them, “a knack for putting bullets exactly where I want them to go.” Dr. We know that girls menstruate at an earlier age so we have an obligation to give sex education. Parents have to be an “askable parent” so that a child can ask those questions and get correct information. She has no business in bed with him, and he has no business in bed with her if they don’t have an understanding that they will have sex. Ruth — twice divorced and a widow — teaches at Columbia, has a strong presence on social media (85,000 followers @Ask Dr Ruth), and in the summer will publish, with her co-writer, Pierre Lehu, a children’s book, “Leopold,” about a turtle who overcomes its fears. You mention in your book that you once thought you were too short to get pregnant. ’ and ‘What did you think about the sex ed unit in health class? Another question that can be effective for sparking discussion is asking your teen whether his or her friends have had “the talk” yet with their parents. Stay focused Think about the basic messages you want to get across to your teen, but don’t worry about saying the wrong thing – or finding the perfect words. Now that my son is a little older, I realize these first conversations were so meaningful because they give me a chance to share my values about sexuality, relationships and respect for others,” Mahoney said.While every parent-teen relationship is unique, and only you know exactly what you want to say to your teen, the Office of Adolescent Health outlines some key points most teens report wanting to hear from their parent: • Tell me why teen pregnancy isn’t a good idea and help me think about positive opportunities for my future.