Laura marling dating

04 Dec

Now 21, with a Brit in her pocket and a sell-out tour ahead, how is our 'most gifted young singer-songwriter' coming to terms with fame?Laura Marling is running late, so I get a call from her publicist asking me to wait outside her house in a leafy street near London's Shepherd's Bush.

Marling looks a little forlorn as she explains that none of the stuff here belongs to her.

Inspired by “a series of vivid dreams Laura experienced whilst making the album,” the promo video is a study in contrasts, both visual and musical.

The predominant imagery in the video features two female bodies clad in shiny pleather, synchronously writhing and weaving to the tribal drum rhythm and the serpentine groove of the song’s bass line.

Lighting up the first of many cigarettes, she explains that she doesn't mean to sound ungrateful for her success.

British starlet Carey Mulligan is enjoying a whirlwind romance with Marcus Mumford, lead singer with folk rockers Mumford & Sons.