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27 Mar

Johnny Depp continued his surprising Pirates of the Caribbean tour on Sunday when he joined cast members including Orlando Bloom, Javier Bardem and Geoffrey Rush for a red carpet event at Disneyland Paris.

Crowds of fans gathered to see their favourite filmstars for the European premiere of Salazar's Revenge, the latest film in the swashbuckling franchise, with the iconic Disney castle as a perfect backdrop.

But Bloom recently pulled the plug because hectic work schedules -- Bloom filming this month's Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco and Elizabethtown in Kentucky, Bosworth filming Superman Returns in Australia -- have kept them apart too much to keep the relationship going.

The tabs had a field day when Bloom was spotted chatting up Christina Ricci at a recent Oscar party.

Both Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, two actors whose characters were very important to the story of the original trilogy, are absent in the fourth installment of the Pirates series.

Besides story reasons, has anything been said as to why these actors/characters weren't included in “No.

She has lived for twenty years as if in a nightmare, suffering from dyslexia, clumsiness and a lack of male attention.

Keira, who graced the November issue of GLAMOUR, also said: "I think women's bodies are a battleground and photography is partly to blame.

For young British actress Keira Knightley life has always been a severe test.Although they came back in the fifth movie and in talks of having a main role in the sixth movie the production hasn't confirmed anything yet but they will do it if the fifth one is successful.SPOILER: There was a scene in the fifth film in the post credit scene that not only their characters will return but a certain villain as well."[My character] bookends the film, sending my son off on a journey to do what I did through the first three films, which is to reconnect and mirror that father-son story."The first movie was arguably one of the favourites and I think people will respond similarly to this film," he continued.