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23 Jan

My names Samantha Ingle and i'm Chris' younger sister.

I usally wake up really early and get in the shower before him but I woke up late and he beat me to it.

Never Shout Never albums in 2014, along with the possibility of music from Gonzo (his electronic side project), Eat Me Raw (his thrash-metal/hardcore outfit) and even solo material under his own name.

As it turns out, sometimes Drew’s biggest hurdle to success is his own ambition—he ended up not releasing a single piece of new music this year.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction My name is Samantha Ingle.

I live at my best friend, Jordan Witzigreuters house with my brother, Christofer Drew Ingle, and my "dad" Alex Gaskarth.

He was over him, over his pretty blue eyes, and golden blonde hair, and the stupid smile he wore whenever he was about to say one of his lame jokes. Waiting in LA for him was a girlfriend anyway, if he wanted someone to boss around and call a slut he could just go there.

Ashton wasn't going to give in this time, he promised himself he was done with Luke.

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You’d been talking up at least two Never Shout Never albums this year: The other is our sixth studio record of all new songs. We worked with Dennis Herring, who produced Modest Mouse, Ben Folds, Elvis Costello… I definitely made some promises to fans about having new music out this year, but we might have a single out in December.It takes more than just I feel like this next year is going to be really great for the band.We’ve been a little down and out the past few years. Ashton slid the text messages, looking at the little red 'delete' button that popped up. And watching the videos just once more wouldn't hurt anyway...right? And oh so over the way he bit his lip when he was about to cum, and the way he smelled right after they'd done it, and the way Luke's eyes fluttered closed after everything. If he wanted love, Bry was the most loyal girl there was, he didn't need Luke.