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03 Jan

(Tokyo Zoological Park Society via AP) Tokyo's Ueno Zoo said Friday the panda, born June 12, was ruled a female by examining experts.It's difficult to determine the gender of a panda newborn.The spike in takers for the 6,400 yen () "false groping accusation benefit" plan was triggered by a spate of incidents where men suspected of molesting female commuters fled the scene along the railway tracks, the Tokyo-based firm told AFP.Japan has made efforts to tackle the problem of rush-hour sex pests with posters on trains and television campaigns, while railway operators provide women-only carriages for the busiest times of day.

Sung Kong Hoe University professor Kang Sung-hyun, who participated in the study, said: "Their appearance, such as the bare feet, suggest they were enslaved."Due to a long-standing dispute over Japan's wartime sexual slavery, it became crucial to come up with evidence.

The country is facing a steep population decline as a growing number of youngsters abstain from sex and avoid romantic relationships.

Some men claimed they “find women scary” as a poll found that 43 per cent of people aged 18 to 34 from the island nation say they are virgins.

The zoo released a photo that showed a pinkish mouse-like creature with some dark spots on its body.

Nearly half of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, according to new research.