Is a sophomore dating a freshman weird dating chat australia

25 Nov

She will be 15 while I'm still 16 so its not 2 yrs apart. No one at my school does I mean everyone thinks its cute blah blah blah and stuff.Its just when I tell people I feel ehh but people are always like oh cool. Like I said 2 years was my max and I just never saw myself doing it!I thought she was moving and hoping she was out of my life. anyway I started dating this new girl and we have been dating for like a month and you.Then my ex comes back and sends me a message on fb saying hey I'm sorry I regret being mean to you blah blah blah I want to be friends. You’re still probably trying to get your permit and can’t drive yet, it’s too early to really buckle down on SATs but you cant totally disregard them either.

She really isn't like most of the freshmen at my school.

Keep your grades up because, remember, they're going to actually matter now. But it's a good way of showing you what some aspects of the actual SAT will be like. ) and start driving around your block with a designated driver and with a teacher.

You can try to get your permit and license this year! Sophomore year is a great time to get all of that over with (if your age allows it) because you might be so swamped in junior year that you'll be tempted to put your driving goals on the back burner. You'll get your license in no time This is different from school to school but if you were on a junior varsity team in freshman year, this might be the time for you to shine and try out for varsity.

So please no comments about rape mainly just is it weird?

OK I haven't spoken to my ex in 8 months due to a bad break up.