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28 Sep

For instance, to invalidate all images you might do something like this: For my purposes, I wanted to just invalidate the entire cache to be safe, since almost all pages use the same layout and styling.I also wanted to add this to my deploy script so I wouldn’t have to manually go into the Cloud Front management console.Let me repeat the three factors that can affect cache (any change on them will invalidate old cache): have side effects of creating objects in the global environment even if the code is evaluated in a local environment.Before knitr v0.4, it was unable to cache these global objects (e.g.

Here are a few more examples: You have to read the section on cache in the main manual very carefully to understand when cache will be rebuilt and which chunks should not be cached.ELB Health Check on an Auto Scaling Group Debugging Docker Containers on Elastic Beanstalk Redeploying an Application in an AWS Auto Scaling Group, Behind an ELB, with Zero Downtime Whenever I push CSS or layout changes to the blog, I like to invalidate my Cloud Front cache to ensure the changes propagate near-synchronously.For instance during a new UI update, if a CSS file were to take 12 hours to propagate into the caches, but the layout changes only take 4 hours, there would be 8 hours where the new layout isn’t properly styled.You can optimize a site’s performance after a switch deployment by enabling selective cache invalidation on target repositories.A repository that is thus configured invalidates its item caches selectively during deployment, rather than invalidating the contents of those caches entirely.