Intimidating animals list

13 Oct

Australia is known for its stunning beaches and beautiful nature reserves but not everything is quite as tame as it looks.Many of the animals down under have the ability to kill humans!The fox is very much a creature of the night and is, along with its dog relatives, the most gregarious of the carnivores.Their agile minds are always active, and although they never intend to harm others foxes have developed a reputation for slyness and manipulation.Not that it’s a reason to deter your visit, but just a warning!

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We have previously seen the strength and venom of the blue-ringed octopus which could kill a man instantly, but this octopus which decided to attach itself to a local swimmers’ back did not seem nearly as dangerous.

Pythons have been spotted using its incredible strength to pull wallabies out of the water to feed on them.

In this particular mission, the snake tried for almost an hour to eat the wallaby from the waters blow but it was not strong enough on this day and abandoned the task.

Squids are aquatic Mobs, and though they look intimidating, they are neutral and will not attack you.

They don't drop any critical items, but their Ink Sacs can be used as dye for Wool.