Infopath validating event

16 Feb

See how to boost your team's productivity using custom workflows in Microsoft Share Point.Gini Courter explains how to design workflows in Share Point Designer, and eliminate inefficiencies and leverage automation to avoid repetitive tasks.There's the day-to-day DBA work, reviewing and approving (or rejecting) requests from development teams, pushing changes into production and so on.In my role as a contractor, I have a huge variety of requests that are normally fairly predictable and most fall within my field of expertise.

However, you can define only a single validation rule for your form having a single validation error message, and a single validation rule and error message for the fields.

Field length validation is a fundamental building block in form validation.

This can be used in conunction with other types of validation to carefully control user input and ensure that you receive valid data.

Last week we saw how to hide specific field controls or how to display them as read-only even on the edit form.

In the current post I introduce a simple technique one can apply to create custom validation for Share Point forms without Info Path.