Heechul jessica dating

26 Apr

” and when those requests come, I just say, “F**king trash. It seems like Friend B’s contract is ending, can you connect me? ” and “Can we hang out with Friend C once together? For the past few years, when relationship rumors that I have nothing to do with come out, the company always says, “Let’s put out a denial statement. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. And you can tell that they have a special relationship.. Heechul also talked about how both the media and his own friends had used him due to his wide connection. He wrote, "Since a while back, I've had the nicknames 'King of Connections in Entertainment', 'Connection Rich', and so on. It was like saying I had a good personality." The "Bonamana" singer added that he didn't like to be seen as a matchmaker. Until this day, I still get messages like, 'Heechul. 하지만 친한 여동생들이 많다는 걸 아는 주변인들이 "A친구랑 식사 한번 하게 해달라는 형이 있어서 혹시 괜찮을까? Haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever haesica forever. I tried to like the Yoon Hae couple but it doesn't appeal to me just like Hae Sica.

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' If it were my own dating rumor, I'd say things like, 'Everyone, please cheer for our love and such and such..' or 'I should've told you in advance, I'm sorry,' et cetera.

"However, when people around me asked to be introduced to a girl, I would say, 'You're trash. B's contract is ending, so can you get me her contact info? ', and every time, I block those people," he confessed. 예전부터 제겐 '연예계 인맥왕', '인맥부자' 이런 수식어들이 붙었었습니다.

At the end of his post, Heechul revealed the saddest thing about being involved in other celebrities' dating rumors.

And she just turned 20 in Korean age and Koreans find it extremely slutty when you have sex in your early 20’s so they never expected that IU, who’s portrayed as innocent and pure, would be sleeping around like that.

They are not blaming her, they’re just shocked.”I’ll give you a hint: Shisus left very obvious clues on his TWITTER when he broke up with his last girlfriend. And Yesung’s last girlfriend was a very famous celebrity : D = ??