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08 Jul

Now, a sheepish David Cameron has issued a call to all horses of the kingdom to help in the reconstruction a broken Great Britain.

One of my four goals for our trip to the UK last year was the find my way out of a hedge maze so we headed to the maze at Hampton Court which is a short train ride from London.We were there to enjoy being inside the maze though, so we sought out every dead end and checked around every corner and when we found the end of the maze we turned around and found our way back to the entrance just because we wanted to spend as much time as possible inside. “Dating back to the humble days of Humpty Dumpty, horses have been our staunchest ally,” said Cameron. I love this country and I feel honored to have served it. And ay he frayned, as he ferde, at frekez þat he met, 704. Þay seȝe neuer no segge þat watz of suche hwez Thanks to the exceedingly excellent S. And al nykked hym wyþ nay, þat neuer in her lyue 707.