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27 Feb

They wore army fatigues and crisp suits and rhinestone-encrusted t-shirts that read “Queen Bitch” tight against prepubescent chests. Then, his arm still aching from recent surgery on his rotator cuff, he scrawled a cheerful signature on a black-and-white head shot and turned to the line of mostly adults awaiting their turn with the man who was clearly the most popular NBC personality at the station’s annual Fit Fest. “Just a couple more snow days next year for the teachers, okay, Hurricane? “My mother is a teacher, and they have a shrine to you in her classroom.They came from Russia and the Dominican Republic and the Main Line, by train, by car, on foot; by wheelchair, by walker, escorted by interpreters from the School for the Deaf. One by one, they paid homage, and made offerings and requests. They have a Snow Club, and they worship Hurricane Schwartz.” IT SOUNDS ABSURD, but “worship” is actually an apt description of what was in the air surrounding the NBC 10 booth at Fit Fest.I worked with Glenn perspolis singles dating site Hurricane Schwartz, he said. Keith Kovalevich, Lindsay Kravitz, Erica Heilman and Ron Hansen.That it is something that happens in labs and classrooms far away from daily lives.And no word on whether Schwartz is scaling back due to his recent health scare, since he hasn’t responded to a request for comment.Still, it’s worth noting that while Parveen has taken the prime time spots, Schwartz remains Chief Meteorologist.It doesn't look like he will be facing any charges even though they supposedly caught him on surveillance tape doing those alleged deeds. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms in order to gain access to sealed-off areas.As of right now, he's still listed on the NBC 10 website as an anchor, but odds are that he won't be for much, he was arrested shortly after 9/11 for impersonating a federal officer. (You can read a detailed account of his interview with two Port Authority police officers who survived the collapse of the towers here.

They were tall and short, fat and thin, old and young. A small stream of drool dripped languorously onto the collar of his tiny polo shirt. The man they had come to see, NBC 10 weatherman Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, who was clad in a similar shirt — although his was drool-free and embroidered with a bow tie in red and blue, the bow tie being his signature look — leaned over the booth and posed for a picture with mother and son. ” asked a Glaxo employee whose name tag read “Jamaal.” “I’m a costume designer. I luf you.” When the queue got held up, as it often did when someone spent more than a passing moment with fellow NBC 10’er Doug Kammerer, who sat to his left, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz pre-autographed more head shots, so the people at the far end of the line wouldn’t have to go home empty-handed when he ducked out to have lunch with his nieces.But at Fit Fest, the lemmings were there for a reason.The people sitting in the NBC 10 booth weren’t flash-in-the-pan reality stars or pop stars — they were our people.CES 2011 Preview- Watch TV on your mobile device and more Glenn " Hurricane " Schwartz Access' Billy Bush asks Contrived TV Weatherperson Names [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Congrats to NBC 10 meteorologist Glenn “ Hurricane ” Schwartz who was Mc Carthy , 28 and the Abington-raised Stead, 26, have been dating for about a year.Weather | Philly TV and Radio Of hhrricane the place was current state of glenn hurricane schwartz dating NII hhurricane hurrlcane him and I.